Meet Alexis - "Sandy" from Grease!  

We created a wig for her Halloween weekend festivities

and she rocked it with her full costume.  

We also provide salon service here at Wig Ave for your convenience!

Here is one of our clients getting her tape hair extensions.  

This is Nathan dressing up as "Cloud Strife" from Final Fantasy.  We helped create his Cloud Strife wig to complete his look.  

She came in looking for a fuss free up do that she could wear to just about anything.  Curls and braids to make it fun to wear too!

Before                   After

We custom created a Rapunzel wig for Kealing Middle School's  "Into The Woods" Spring musical.

Showtimes are January 23, 24 @7pm and January 25 @2pm.   

Looking forward to seeing it come to life! 

Karen "the fashionista" loves her wigs! 

She wanted a new look for all of her holiday parties and went from blonde to a fun strawberry wig.   

 One of our client was looking for a change.  

Now he has a full head of hair, new hair color and new style that he could easily work with.  

Before                              After

This is Leilali and her whole family is performing in the Nutcracker!   

She was looking for an easy way to do the same hairstyle for her weekend performances.  

SO...we created a dance friendly wig updo with a little bedazzle for her to shine on stage.   Best of luck! =]

This is Cheryl, an acting student.

We created an elegant updo with her wig for her big stage performance!  Good Luck Cheryl!   =]

Meet our clients and see what they're coming into Wig Ave for.  


Kevin aka "Buck the Mythical PediBeast" came in to get his hairpiece designed to complete his headpiece.  

You should be able to spot him busy giving pedicab rides around downtown in his full reindeer outfit.

Meet Chip!

He came by looking for the perfect "Harry Potter's Lucius Malfoy" wig for Comic-Con.

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